Banana Nut Bread Clamshell Soy Wax Tart Melts


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Product Description

A warm loaf of bread with banana, nut, & spice baked in. yummmmmy! These triple scented soy melts are perfect for the person who prefers a safe way to scent their home. There is absolutely no flame to worry about around your small children or pets. These are also perfect for dorm rooms, offices, or apartments where lighted candles are not allowed. Simply break off one or two pieces and use with your electric or tea light warmer and enjoy the scent. These are the perfect size for plug-in warmers. Only top quality SOY wax and fragrance oils are used to make these highly fragrant breakaway melts. These breakaway soy melts come packaged in a re-sealable clam shell, perfect for storing. You will receive ONE (1) Breakaway tart melt package each weighing approximately 3 oz. There are 6 soy melt squares to a package.

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